There are solutions to CRS and its symptoms

Although Chemical Reactivity Syndrome (CRS) may be a life-long condition, it can be successfully managed. Once a person who is sensitive to food and environmental chemicals goes through a detoxification program and the excess weight and other symptoms have dissipated, the individual must relearn how to prepare and eat a clean, chemical-free diet (to the extent that this is possible) or symptoms of CRS may reappear.

Weight gain from CRS is a sudden response to ingestion and/or exposure to food or environmental chemicals. Fortunately, upon detoxification weight loss is also rapid.

Addressing CRS.

Addressing CRS is not as simple as just avoiding a list of chemicals on labels. In addition to a myriad of chemical additives, preservatives and colorings in the typical American food supply, there are also numerous hidden dangers — chemicals in the food where manufacturers are not required to list their presence. People who suffer from CRS may also develop sensitivity to other foods such as those high in certain naturally-occurring chemicals — even though such foods may contain no artificial chemicals.

We offer several techniques and strategies

We offer several techniques and strategies needed to get the Chemical Free Skinny and live a lifestyle free of CRS symptoms such as weight gain.
All are led by Chemical Free Skinny Founder Dr. Pam Carlisle.