The Skinny on Going Chemical-Free

(a message from Dr. Pam Carlisle, Ph.D.)

New Program and Book reveal what the mainstream medical field can’t:
The secret to why so many people are becoming and staying overweight these days.
The causes will surprise you.
The solutions will give you back control of your weight—and your life.

New Book & Program Reveal Revolutionary Weight Loss Discovery:
The Link between Food Chemicals and Weight Gain

LOS ANGELES, CA- New Program & Book Reveal the Link between Food Chemicals and Weight Gain: Researcher and author Dr. Pamela Carlisle’s Revolutionary Weight Loss Discovery asks people to Choose to be Thin, Healthy and Chemical-Free. In her soon to be released book, You’re Not Crazy, Your Doctor Is: The secrets they can't tell you about weight gain, illness and food/environmental chemicals the author reveals a key reason that so many Americans are becoming—and staying—overweight, despite extensive efforts to change it is this: Chemical Reactivity Syndrome (CRS). Chemical Reactivity Syndrome is a condition that develops in those people who develop sensitivities to chemicals in food and the general environment. While CRS may cause other symptoms for some people a primary symptom is weight gain that cannot be reversed through traditional diets and exercise programs alone.

Chemical Reactivity Syndrome (CRS) or chemical sensitivity-based weight gain symptoms include:

  • Weight gain despite ongoing, long-term restricted calorie intake
  • Inability to lose weight (or experiencing weight gain) during periods of restricted calories/dieting
  • Long-term, regular vigorous exercise does not lead to loss of excess weight

primary symptom

For CRS sufferers there may also be a host of other adverse symptoms present—including headaches, confusion, difficulty concentrating, anxiousness, nausea, swelling of the face, feet and hands, swollen, tender lymph nodes, ear infections, dizziness, breathing difficulties, irritability, difficulty swallowing, and diarrhea, to name a few—that adversely affect emotional and physical well being. Taken together, those suffering from these symptoms may begin to feel as though they are being “poisoned.” And, in a manner of speaking, they are…

modern lives

Our modern lives are inundated with chemicals—from preservatives, additives, and colorings in our food, to the chemicals in household cleaning products, to most anything in modern-day homes from manufactured cabinets, to carpeting, to manufactured flooring, to the paint on our walls, to the pesticides sprayed both inside and outside our homes, to the fuel you pump in your vehicle, to the air treatment chemicals pumped through shopping-malls, movie theatres and workplaces where windows that open to permit fresh air are a thing of the past. Chemical exposure can occur in your hygiene products, cosmetics, even the products you use to clean your clothes. In short, in today’s world there is simply no escaping our exposure to chemicals. And, if your body’s reaction to all of these chemicals is what is making you overweight, then eating less and exercising more will do little to solve your problem of being overweight.

Luckily, there is something people can do to regain control over managing your weight. The seminars, workshops, private consultations and book offered through provides people with all of the tools and strategies they need for regaining control over their weight and well-being and to retool and reclaim control over their weight and their lives.


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